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Winter is here and the Algarve is on fire! Surfguide dream surf sessions.


Winter in the Algarve

The endless summer, one of the most iconic and without a doubt the most famous surf movies in history. But actually the name of the movie is not correct. It should be: The endless winter. Winter is for surfing. With a few exceptions almost all surf places of the world turn on when winter starts. Also here in Portugal. The annoying north wind is gone. The swell machines start working in the ocean. And we get some serious open ocean swells. With a crew that can handle a little bit of power we are in for some surfguide dream sessions.

Those beautiful mornings that you wish you took a hoodie and after the surf you need your boardhshorts again.
Wet, wetsuit on, big smile on your face, lets go surfing!!!
You can tell why this dude has a smile from ear to ear on the picture above. He has barrels on his mind thats for sure!

Island vibes

When you hear big swell people often think of big waves. Obviously without big swell there are no big waves. But big swell in the Algarve does not mean you need to surf Big all the time. The thing is. We are located in such a unique part of the world that the Algarve is almost like an island. The swell usually hits the west (Big waves) and curls around south (smaller waves.) This are the moments the surfguide really comes in handy. The surfguide crew surfs 365 days a year and knows exactly when where to go.

The wet dream of every surfer. a perfect empty A frame wave breaking with no one in sight. Surfguide Algarve at the right spot at the right time.
Here´s a fellow dutchman ´Erwin´ who show´s how to enjoy small perfect barrels.
Here´s a guest – friend, that comes back for years. Owns a very epic watersports center in the dutchlands called Beachbreak, and spends his money wisely on a full month surfing in the Algarve.
here is a perfect demonstration why he choose wisely.
And of course the surfguide takes a few ones too,
We are over the moon stoked with all the good waves, but above all its just epic to share the stoke with all of you. If you reading this story ( and not just look at the pictures like i would do.) And want to book surf holiday, do not wait! The waves are pumping all trough winter. Hopefully sea you soon!
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