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Surfing empty barrels with the first ever surfguide guests somewhere in the Algarve


Surfing in the Algarve

What makes surfing in the Algarve different from surf in other parts of the globe? Every place has it´s unique characters, secrets and moods. Some places only work on low tide, others will be dry and close out at that exact moment. Insight info is always key to score good waves, wherever you are. But here in the south west tip of Portugal it is a full on studies.

It´s not flat

Often there are messages from future guests wondering why they are looking at a flat ocean while we are posting perfect head high waves on the same day. There is a simple explanation for this. There are a lot of surf related houses, hostels, shops etc located in Lagos. Where the surf usually is very much non existent in Lagos. (There is times there are waves!) But not like most expect that you walk out the city center with a board under your arm to the nearest beach with surf. often guests that do discover the true potential of this region come back for more. And some even multiple times per year. Yesterday was like a dream. We surfing empty barrels with our first ever surfguide guests. Where? Somehwere in the Algarve…

Only ones on the beach (and in the water) with perfect waves coming in. How we wish we had a surf photographer at this moment.

Perfect barrels

At the right time at the right spot. The Surfguide Algarve slogan. Since about four years already! Today this slogan is more true than ever before. Where people are complaining the line ups are too full and the region getting too spoiled with tourist we surf our brains out.

Left or right? As deep as you can handle. This photo I like especially because you can kind of imagine it is not an easy wave to surf. Where the next one kind of looks too perfect.
perfect left hand barrel with a strong offshore. This is the kind of surf that we dream off.
Big open barrels with no one on it. (or in it.) This day we will not easy forget.
And to share it with these dudes makes the whole experience even more epic.
We surf for about three hours and got more barrels and cover ups than ever before. Manage to get the last wave of the morning from our boy: Stoked like never before. Thanks guys.
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