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Big stoke on small clean waves with the surfguide crew on Cordoama.


Big stoke at Cordoama

If you have never been at praia Cordoama, it is beautiful. High cliffs and a long sandy beach with big rocks scattered around. Like most beach break on rocks the sand moves around a lot. This results in sometimes amazing surf and other times just pure close-outs. The Surfguide will know when to go there for good surf 🙂 But to see the beauty of the place you can visit her anytime. Just dive trough Vila do Bispo and keep following the signs. Today we got a nice little crew of 3 stoked surfers, a soft offshore breeze and a playful fun swell.

The nice thing about Cordoama beach is that there are breaks all along the coastline. If you know where (not) to surf you can often find a private peak.

Private Peak

What is better than sharing super fun clean waves with just a few friends? While you paddle back your buddy gets another one. Paddle in for the same, split the peak orrrr just call party wave and ride it together!

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Although the wave is waist high it really holds a bit of a punch. Perfect little racy section for the shortboard.
This dudes last session from a few months surf trip in the Algarve. Pretty epic to look back on a surf like this.
Big moves on small waves!
After surf dinner with the whole surfguide family. In Sagres at the Arte Bianca.
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