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Small waves and big stokes with Surfguide Algarve in Tonel Sagres


Small waves in Tonel in winter?

Winter is big wave season, but that does not mean it is big all the time, all winter long. With two teenager boys from Boston on the schedule the request is to find fun playful surf. One of them likes to surf a longboard and the other a Malibu. With a little bit of local knowledge from the Surfguide, and a tiny bit of luck we get a perfect small wave day for them to enjoy the Portuguese/ Algarve waves for the first time. With the swell and wind direction as they are the adventure takes place in Sagres at the beach of Tonel. A double rainbow and a fun small swell rolling in the stokes are big.

Smile and wave boys!
for some reason a rainbow is always very hard to shoot on a picture. Lucky there is two, and a wave in front that doesn’t disappear on the screen.

Take a picture and leave

Although the waves are not really threatening today, it is very helpful to know where to paddle out. (In the rip) and where the rocks stick out under water. The Surfguide explains the spot and surfs with you.

Take a picture and leave

Surrounded by the famous cliffs of Sagres. The fortess on your left and the lighthouse in the distance on your right. It is a privilege to be in the water in Tonel. My buddy described it once really well. ”Many people go on a holiday or visit a spot, take a picture and leave. Check the box, been there done that. But when you discover new places surfing you are actually engaging in the place much more. you don’t just look at it, you are really in it for the moment.” Some say he maybe smokes to much, but if this is the result, I think it works pretty good for him.

If you are in the line up, there’s plenty of time to enjoy the moment and take it all in.
Until it is time to switch on, start paddling and get a beauty of a wave. Like this dude on his longboard.
And his brother on the smaller board.
Styling longboard style brought from America to the Algarve. It sure works here too!
After surf smiles with the surfguide crew. Thanks a lot to the boys for sharing the fun in the line up, and also to the dad for the nice pictures in this story. If you want a private surfguide tour like this. Get in touch here.
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