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Private surf with the surfguide crew in the Algarve


Busy winter

It is not a secret, the Algarve is very busy this year. Many people saved up money during the covid times. With Portugal being one of the safest places to go, the result is simple. It is packed. Most surfers in the region are from the (now) colder parts of Europe. Escaping the cold in search for waves. This all sounds a little bit negative but honestly there is always two sides of the story. The tourist industry is doing very well and every restaurant you go (that is still open,) is full. This means we as the Surfguide crew need to work just a little bit harder to get what we want: Good waves without people on it. Today we score big time and get a complete private surf somewhere in the Algarve…

Take a deep breath and take it all in. Not sure what makes this picture so special but I really like it, hope you do too.
One of the most important moves in surfing: The bottom turn. performed here by the same dude who is sitting on the beach on the picture above.

Do the right thing, go left!

When there is a surf photographer on the beach it always ads a bit of pressure. You can try to deny it, but it´s true. We all hope that this one ´Kelly Slater moment´ is caught on frame. Just like the simple rule that the best waves go unridden. The best moments in surf go un-photographed. It takes a huge amount of skill to shoot a real good surf picture. Today we bring our own camera and a friend of one of the guys in the water. (With all good intentions, the guy has 0 clew about surfing.) So we all very stoked with the few very cool pictures that he took. One of the challenges today is that the dude with the camera is shooting in an angle. This creates very nice photos for the surfer to go left. And less dynamic pictures going right:

when you surf towards the camera it really gives a great perspective. Do the right thing, go left!
But if the perfect right comes to you… paddle to the medal and screw the photo.
Like I said.
The Surfguide having fun on the twin fin to close the story. If you want some uncrowded surf and good vibes, get in touch!
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