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Perfect waves and no one out with Surfguide Algarve


Perfect waves

Both the surfers acting as Surfguide Guests are so from the very start of Surfguide Algarve. Actually, one could argue that without one of them this whole empire wouldn’t even exist. But that’s a whole different story. Let’s get back to the waves. The perfect ones that is.
The Christmas tree is shining in our somewhat dark apartment. (This serves really well against the heat in summer, but in winter we can use a little extra spark.) The water is cold. The wind even colder. But the waves are absolutely on fire. Without spoiling the story much more. Here are the 10 best pictures of the perfect waves this morning with no one else out.

The sky is on fire too! Stoked!
A picture tells more than a thousand words. I guess this is the case with a good picture. Because this picture only shows a perfect wave with that stoked surfer from the picture above on it. What you don’t see is the shallow reef we found. And what you don’t see either is the absolutely frozen wetsuits we have. Sound would be cool too to add, cause the cracking noise these beautiful waves producing are from a whole different level.

Go deep and smile to the camera

We rocking up in car number one and the other dude in the second car. He travels from a slightly different direction and usually brings his missis so… With driver number one having a little bit more of a heavy foot we get to the spot a bit more early. With not a moment to loose we suit up. (Freezing.) Quite literally this time, the temperature thing in the car gave 5 degrees and my friend in Aljezur had frost on his car. In our wetsuits the third guy shows up. He brings a huge camera with him and we all agree this day is to perfect to not shoot some pictures. He chooses to stay dry and take the first shift:

Cover-up or not? I hate these kind of pictures where the wave felt kinda sick but the photo does not really show any of that.
Lets try one more time. Go deep and paddle hard. Mr. Surfguide Algarve with his twin fin machine dropping a story down.
That’s more like it, little stall to hard pump to get absolutely barreled.
This is not the same wave as the super camera also has its limitations. But at least we get a few sweet waves on camera.
Right hand perfection. Surfing is a pretty ridiculous sport, hobby, lifestyle, whatever you want to call it. But when it all comes together like this I remember why we do all this stuff.
swooping turn in perfect glassy conditions. It simply does not get better.
Somewhere along the way I got out to take over the photo position from this dude. As good as it looks, it is far from an easy wave. Especially on your backhand. But all it takes is one good wave correct?
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