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From dawn to dusk scoring perfect waves at Amado with Surfguide Algarve (& Unicorn)


Scoring Perfect Waves

That is the Surfguide Algarve aim at least. As every surfer knows: it is just not always epic. After a few days of fun but mediocre surf we get what we deserve. With an epic timing we arrive at Amado Beach with only a handful others on the carpark. In summer this place is the go-to for many. In winter however the place seems to be a little bit forgotten. With a very big swell on the forecast most surfers gamble south. The ocean looks perfectly groomed. Not a breath of wind and amazing swell lines rolling in. Scoring perfect waves with the dawn. The Unicorn only shoes up at dusk later in the story.

The two surfguide guests for the day walking on the beach to the empty ocean at amado.
When skill meets perfection. Here is a dude who really knows how to surf. With a wave so clean you can see yourself in it and a head high lip to hit, it does not get better.
Stoked surfguide guest after his surf. He visits the Algarve already for over 20 years. He says that a lot has change but the waves have stayed the same. We like the sound of that.

Big swell, time to move south

The Algarve has a little bit of an island vibe. You always run into the same people. (sometimes multiple times in one day.) And most of the action happens within just a few square kilometer. This is also were many go mistaken. The distances between spots might not be very long. But you can very well miss the best surf very easy by driving around. We call this ‘ the beginner mistake’ .

‘Looks pretty good, but let’s quickly check spot B…’ to then drive to C, back to A where the tide got to high and the surf crap.

beginner mistake

The real reason why this is a little bit like an island is because we have surf on the South and West coast. With big swells wrapping around the corner the South can look amazing at times.

Dawn patrol score with Surfguide Algarve. Offshore, shoulder/ head high, perfect waves. You’re welcome.
You don’t need a overhead spitting barrel to have an amazing surf. In fact. Most of us we don’t even want a overhead wave. While most others are still driving around or fighting in the crowds on the more obvious spots we get this:

Create your own magic

Living in Paradise is crazy. If someone tells me tomorrow it is all a dream I totally understand. But until that moment we just live life to the max. You don;t believe in Unicorns? Really you don’t?

Surfguide Algarve Family watching the sunset on the west coast. – It’s time to start believing in Unicorns.
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