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Happy New Year from Surfguide Algarve

Happy new year from Surfguide Algarve

We are celebrating the new year in style. With perfect waves and a super dedicated surf-family to guide life is a dream. Sorry for the little delay in the surf-posts. There are a few very good reasons why we are a little behind on the computer work. The most valid reason is obviously because the waves are very good (every day.) The second- for sure as good reason is that the computer is litterally built in by surfboards. And the third is that the big C is still annoying us a little bit by not opening the creche until the 10th of January. (But you can go to the bars and restaurants and lick each other.) That last one just results in more time with the princess so you can see that as a bonus too. And the fourth reason could easy be the second: Our website is getting a very necesery upgrade, and it is a mess right now. Sorry for that too. 

sunrise algarve surfguide algarve on the beach

Back to the surf

With the Christmas celebrations in the Dutchlands we had a whole week of no surf. Good food and even better company made up for it. Now back and hungry for salt water like never before. One of our most returning guests decided to break her wrist on an ice-skating mission. (*People do weird things trapped far away from the surf.) But she decides that life is better at the beach instead of dark, cold and rainy Germany. Lucky for us she brings her son otherwise there would be no one to guide left this week. Here he is:

surfguide wave guest surfing
surfguide guest - only ones out, epic surf algarve
dreamy longboard wave surfguide algarve

From sunrise to sunset

Do you want to surf all day? If you have the arms and the right wetsuit you possibly can. We usually pick the best moment of the day to score: 

perfect surf surfguide algarve on malibu surfboard

This two waves have a nice story behind them. With the waves a little smaller in the morning and no one out we get a really fun surf on the Beachbreak of Zavial. The surfguide trying to impress the mother with the camera a little too much and damages his surfboard (pretty badly.) Lucky this happens in the end of the session and the son comes out pretty soon afterwards. But as he walks towards the car to get changed the wave on the Point all of a sudden starts to work. (Still with no one out…) Not so used to a 7’8 malibu, but very much used to this wave the guide sneaks in two nice ones to close the morning. 

zavial point break only one out, perfect surf surfguide algarve

Surf pics are the best gift

”Did you see that one wave?!” – ”Yeah man, that one was awsome” – ”Jeezzz I wish I had a photo of that” 

Story of our lives. This week is a little different. The super stoked surf-mom being injured is mindsurfing every wave we catch. (and the one we don’t catch probably too). And she also owns a telephone that shoots better fotos than the camera we use normally. The result is clear. All the pictures in this blog are hers. What a great gift. 

surfing portugal off the lip surfguide algarve
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