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Barranco, home of many Surf Guide Surf Aventures and hippies.

perfect wave? Surf Guide Algarve Barranco adventure

Barranco Surf Guide Adventure

For a long time we did not really write about the spot Barranco. Truth is, the beach is a little bit harder to find than others. The acces is a little more rough. And it had that secret vibe for a long time. The real secret about Barranco is when to surf it. Because it is just a very small beach the wave closes out on too big swells. But when it is too small, the bay does not pick up any waves. Angle of the swell, size of the wave, wind and tide all play equal factors when to get a good surf in Barranco. So from now on, we just post about Barranco too. Without revealing any of her secrets. If you want to join us to the end of the Bad road, get in touch for Surf Guiding and we might be lucky. 

Many Cars, no one out

Depending on what type of car you drive, who it belongs to and how much you care of it. The road that leads to Barranco is pretty bad. Bad and long. You would expect that not many people would take this beaten up dirt track if there are so many easier beaches to go. Well you are wrong. Every time there are at least 30 modified campervans, trucks, hymler caravans and everything else that serves as a house on wheels. Most of them do not really surf do… So even with a full carpark there is no one out at times. 

perfect wave? Surf Guide Algarve Barranco adventure

The hippie wave

All super friendly people by the way. All barefoot, dreadlocks and smell a little funny. But not a moment would you feel unsafe. We always take our stuff to the beach including camera etc and not ever did we have one issue. In fact, if you lost something the chance is big you will find it back on the trading rock. For unwanted but useful stuff *and lost and found. How cool is that. Now back to the surf. It seems like the vibrations of the people reflect in the water. For some reason the wave in Barranco is always a bit softer, a bit more mellow. A bit of a hippie wave perhaps? 

Wipe Out Surfing Surf Guide Algarve surfing Barranco
mellow or not, you can still wipe out like a pro
Surf Spray : Good Surfer. lucky shot Surf Guide Algarve
or hit the lip like a pro...
Clean easy wave Surf Guide Algarve Barranco session
Or glide down the line like a pro.
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