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Perfect waves at Cabanas Velhas with Surf Guide Algarve

surfgirl cabanas velhas surf guide algarve

Perfect waves at Cabanas Velhas

With the right swell, the correct wind and the tide in your favour, Cabanas Velhas can sometimes create dream style surf conditions. The little beach is so seldom good for surfing that it is easy to drive past it. With Surf Guide Algarve on a mission we get the place so good it is almost unbelievable. The sun shines, the wind blows offshore. The tide is perfect and the waves look amazing. Why is there no one out? 
Pictures do not lie here you are:

perfect wave surf guide algarve cabanas velhas
cabanas velhas surfing surf guide algarve
Mr. suf guide takes the task to take the first wave of the day. The girl squad who took this photo you will see later in the story

Good vibes

That we bring good vibes with our guiding crew is kind of obvious. But how the vibes are in the line up depends on many things. Today we share the line up with our two guests and a group of half local ladies. The waves are very fun but the good vibes in the water make the session even better.

cabanas surf with surf guide algarve
surfgirl cabanas velhas surf guide algarve
is this a dream wave or what?

You want to come on a surf guide adventure with us? Please make sure you book in time because we can only take a few people per day. 

surfing cabanas velhas with surf guide algarve
surf girl surf guide algarve cabanas velhas
Even in perfect surf there comes a moment you are tired and cold. With the knowledge there is a fresh Pastel da Nata waiting for you this is not a bad thing!
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