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Porto de Mos Lagos summer Surf Guide in winter.

Surf Guide Algarve guest surfing Porto de Mos Lagos

Porto de Mos Lagos summer surf in winter

It actually is winter. But the only way you can tell it is, is by looking at the date. We are almost in March and it seems like winter is just skipping us. Or is it still coming? Who knows. All we know is that it is not great for Nature and for the famers. But no one hates a nice sunny surf in the middle of winter. Today we take our surf guide adventure back to where it kind of started. Porto de Mos in Lagos. We get an amazing fun surf with offshore small waves and almost no one out. 

Porto de Mos Lagos Surf Guide Algarve surf check
pretty early morning it is still beanies and jackets. But when that sun gets above the hill there are even a few brave souls in bikini on the beach.
Porto de Mos Lagos Surf Guide Algarve and doggo

What is your perfect wave?

This answer will be different for many surfers. It might also have a lot to do where you surf most often. And in some way it will probably also be influenced by what you see on the media. The waves the professional surfers take, are they really that perfect? Or is it that the also professional surf photographer just pressed the button on the right moment? They make a hard wave easy to surf and what you do not see are the horrible paddles. The tricky entry and exits into the line up etc. Lets cut this story short. For many this is the perfect wave. 

Surf Guide Algarve guest surfing Porto de Mos Lagos
It has plenty enough power to shortboard and do turns, it has a nice wall. Pretty easy to read and line up. Offshore wind. Not many other surfers in the water. This for most is a perfect wave.
Porto de Mos longboarding Surf Guide Algarve

It depends also what type of surfboard you like to ride. If you prefer a longboard like our friend on the picture above. She will probably look for the more gentle wave. The kid that is training hard to become the next local surf superstar is trying to find the more hollow ones. 

The future of surfing Porto de Mos Lagos

If you get clear for yourself what your dream wave looks like it is more easy to find it. Obviously mother ocean does exactly what she feels like. But always try to find the best surf for your level. *and very often succeed. 

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