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There is a wave for everybody in Mareta with Surf Guide Algarve

Surf guide algarve surfing Mareta Sagres

There is a wave for everybody in Mareta

With a fun south swell and offshore wind the Surf Guide adventure today begins in Sagres. With the same two guests as the days before we know exactly what we are looking for. A little bit more firework than Porto de Mos (we surfed fun mellow waves here the day prior.) But not board breaking terrifying conditions. Mareta is the beach to be. We get the place all to ourself and have a super fun surf. 

Mareta Surf beach in Sagres with surf guide algarve
Surf guide algarve surfing turn Mareta Sagres

Not a soft wave

With a small period the wave travels less kilometers trough the ocean and because of this, is less powerful than a wave with a larger period. The south swell always brings in shorter period swells as they are produced pretty close. (And some warm water as a bonus too.) But if you think a wave with a small period is a soft wave you can be very wrong.

Mareta wave surf guide algarve
There are a lot of factors that make a wave powerful or soft.

The tide and the bottom of the ocean play very big factors in how a wave comes in. The Netherlands has a lot of small period swells. Yet the waves do not often get very powerful. (sometimes they do!) The right tide and spot is crucial to form a wave to be powerful or soft. The day before we surfed Mareta as well with miss Surfguide Algarve with a lot more mellow conditions. 

Mareta surf girl sagres surf guide algarve
Mareta surfing Sagres Portugal Surf guide Algarve
Our surf guide guest shredding a nice left
Surf guide algarve surfing Mareta Sagres
The next day miss Surf Guide Algarve takes over the camera and shoots this epic shot. Good way to finish the story
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