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Dont need sun to shine with Surf Guide Algarve in Luz

Luz surf in the rain with surf guide algarve

Dont need sun to shine with Surf Guide Algarve in Luz

When you surf, you get wet. Thats a fact. So why is it that when it rains there are less surfers? There is even the term good weather surfer. 
Not this guy do. A born and breath Dutch surfer who is not scared to get changed in the rain. With no wind on the forecast and a pretty good size swell we hit the road towards Praia da Luz. The Algarve shows her pretty side once more, no rain, just black skies. No one out and what looks like super fun waves. Now should I bring the camera with the chance the rain will come. Or do I leave it behind and be sure we do not have any pictures from this Luz surfing adventure. Armed with a towel and a rain jacked we take it, just in case. We dont need sun to shine, lets go! Surf Guide Algarve to the party!  


Luz surfers with surf guide algarve
You can clearly see why they named it Black Rock...

Beach or Reef?

Paddle out on the easy beach break right in front of the carpark of Luz or take the longer walk and paddle to surf on the reef? It is impossible to tell how the waves are on the reef and the waves on the beach look really fun. But with no one out it is kind of tempting to take a little hike. If you dont play you dont win remember? 

Luz surfing beach surf guide algarve
Some surfers on the beach after our session. Still looks like a lot of fun!
luz surfing paddle out only ones out surf guide algarve
the reef always picks up a little more size

Normally we do not guide on the reef of Luz. But with a very capable surfer on board and no one out it is a beautiful day to make an exception to the rule. The wave is always a little bit bigger. Like any other reef, you surf over rocks and the chance you get hurt is a lot bigger then on the beach. Please note that this is not a beginner/intermediate wave! 

Luz surf in the rain with surf guide algarve
Our Dutch surf guide guest on a beautiful clean wave to finish the session.
Luz surf beach after surf breakfast surf guide algarve
Just a pastel da nata does not weigh up to this paddle. Time for a good second breakfast with a view over the waves.
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