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Big swell, Big smiles and small waves with surf guide Algarve in Cabanas Velhas

Cabanas Velhas surfing clean wave surf guide algarve

Big swell, Big smiles and small waves with Surf Guide Algarve in Cabanas Velhas

With another big swell hitting the Algarve coast it is time to find some more protected surf spots. With two guests on the schedule the surf guide mission is on! The wind is offshore on the south coast and for once the tides are also in our favour. Just to not give away any guiding secrets I will leave in the middle what tide this exactly is. The plan is to check Cabanas Velhas. From there, there are a few more spots in a small driving range to go to as back up beaches. 
The sky looks like the day is having a hard time winning from the night. The air feels cold. The whole scene is just not Algarvian at all. Maybe this is the reason why no one is on the beach at the moment we arrive. The waves look really fun and we get changed as quick as humanly possible. With small but perfect running waves *almost only rights. No one in the water this session is about to be a real fun one. Big smiles, and small waves, what more can you ask for. 

first one on Cabanas Velhas Beach surf guide algarve
Cabanas Velhas Beach, first steps in the sand
Cabanas Velhas surfer with surf guide algarve
Our new surf guide guest ready for his first surf in the Algarve

Perfect waves

Both guests visted the easy waves of Sri Lanka this winter. I have never been there so I dont know much about it from my own experience. But it does seem like that the surf in the Algarve is a lot different then in Sri Lanka. Waves are usually stronger here. Plus we surf different surf spots all the time where the conditions can be extremely different. Today is a little different. With the big swell and a large period the waiting between the sets is long. In between the sets you can easily paddle back with dry hair and position yourself for the next set of waves. Perfect waves only exist in a wave pool. But the waves we get in Cabanas Velhas, are, Pretty perfect. 

Cabanas Velhas surfing clean wave surf guide algarve
Even the smaller one *In this case the first wave of the set. reeling of perfectly. Our guest trimming down the line with his mini Malibu wave catch machine.

Do not be a sheep

If there is one thing that could be better it is the temperature. It really is freezing right now. The water is 15 degrees, as cold as it gets down here. The outside temperature below that. Especially in the morning without the sun. Adding a soft cold north wind, it is pinguin paradise. While we surf there must have been over a hundred people coming and going to check the waves on the beach. Lucky for us the sets take a long time to come and the set up is just really cold. Most people following each other while we catching the best waves of the day with just the Surf Guide crew. At the moment we exit the water after more then 2 hours of very good surf the rest of the world gets ready to go in. The crowd in the water goes from 3 to about 15 in the time span of about 10 minutes. Do not be a sheep! 

dont be a sheep vila do bispo surf guide algarve
Unless you are one and you are chilling in Vila do Bispo...
Lobster for dinner surf guide algarve
If you should not be a sheep, what then? I guess do not be a lobster either cause these guys will be dinner tonight...
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