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Work on your technique in Beliche with Surf Guide Algarve

beliche surfing small wave surf guide algarve

Work on your technique in Beliche with Surf Guide Algarve

The title might confuse a little bit. But we still do not teach, coach or instruct anyone. However, we do have a few connections who will tell you exactly where you can work on to improve your surfing. After you did your coaching session, lesson or how you want to call it. You come back to Surf Guide Algarve. Tell us exactly what it is you like to work on and we try to fit the conditions to that request. Keep in mind we can not make miracles happen. If you want to improve your barrel riding skills and there is only a small swell with onshore breeze, even we will not find you any barrel. Are you flexible and let us give you an update when there are barrels? This will work. 
Our guest today is coached at the surf skate ranch and in the water. Now it is time to put the theory into practice. He wants to focus on a few things. The two main things, building speed, focus on a good pop up and posture on the board. Beliche is the perfect spot for all these things as long as it a little small and not too crowded…

beliche backside grab rail surf guide algarve
Very bad photo of a perfect executed move. The surfer never pays anything extra for the pictures that we take but you would expect we can do a better job.
beliche smallest wave surf guide algarve
In Beliche you can take off on the smallest wave and it still has plenty of power.

No one out until...

As we enter the beach there is almost no one out. But maybe our guest takes to many waves in a to short amount of time. Or there is a surf alert we are not aware off. In the time span of one hour the beach gets from completely empty to pretty busy. 

beliche empty perfect wave surf guide algarve
Dream wave with no one out. Beliche can do this.

Beliche can handle a bit of people. The peaks shifting a lot and there is a lot of space. It attracts also a very wide range of surfers. From basically complete beginners to pro surfers. You can imagine this does not always work out really well. But usually it does. 

beliche wipe out surf guide algarve
There is always plenty of action in Beliche. From epic surfing to brutal wipe outs.
beliche surfing small wave surf guide algarve
ending the blog on a high. Our surf guide guest taking of on a multi colored wave with a nice stance and a beautiful take off.
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