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Perfect small wave session at Tonel with Surf Guide Algarve

perfect left tonel sagres surf guide algarve

Perfect small wave session at Tonel with Surf Guide Algarve

The request for today is small fun waves. Two guest armed with soft tops looking to get their reps in and want easy conditions to get as much waves as possible. One dude from England and a lady from Swiss, both not born on a surfboard but stoked as grommets. We meet like most days in Vila do Bispo. Located right in the center of the Algarve this makes a perfect meeting point. Together we drive to the beach in Sagres. We find a perfect empty line up with small waves at Tonel. On for an incredible session with the Surf Guide crew. 

Tonel Sagres surf check surf guide algarve
Wait for the set! I think its going to be incredible!
The new Surf Guide Algarve toy, the pink and white Twinn fin, and our guest with the softtop. Only ones on the beach...what can make this morning better?

Such a healthy distraction

Quote of the morning.
There is no drink or drug that can tip on the feeling you get when your standing on a wave.

small wave surfing sagres tonel surf guide algarve

With a soft offshore wind, a sun that gains energy every minute and an empty ocean, this might be one of the most fun sessions you can imagine. With sets from about waist to shoulder high with a bit of punch, there is something for everyone. If you want to get your wave count up, get anything that moves. If you want to improve your turns, wait for the bigger ones. 

Tonel Sagres small wave offshore surf guide algarve
perfect left tonel sagres surf guide algarve
here is one of the bigger set waves
perfect wave tonel sagres surf guide algarve
what a beauty!!! perfect little wedge in Tonel...
Stoked surf guide algarve guest
Stoked, tired, ready for a pastel da nata.
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