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Mother and Son shredding empty perfect Beliche with Surf Guide Algarve

Beliche surfer small clean wave surf guide algarve

Mother and Son shredding empty perfect Beliche with Surf Guide Algarve

How often do you get a surfing mother who takes her son out to join her surfing missions? There must be a lot but I only know one. Lucky for us she is coming back a lot of times *per year. Surf Guide Algarve is always on the mission to find the best waves for your surf level. With both the surfers on Malibu surfboards the challenge is to find user friendly waves. Best with not too many people around. With easter weekend just behind us we get a super score at Praia do Beliche this morning. Protected from the wind, fun size waves, and surprisingly enough, hardly any other surfers in the line up. Mother and son shredding perfect waves enjoy the pictures. 

surf mom, beliche surf guide algarve
shredding surf mom

The trip is part of the adventure

When you think of surfing, you probably think of something similar of the picture above. A person standing on a surfboard on a wave. But for the Surf Guide Algarve experience, it is so much more than that. The anticipation on what the ocean has to offer today. The different forecast models that do not match with each other. The every day quest of where to go. And than finally in the car with the guests. Radio on, mission to the beach. There is always something pretty to see along the way.  

halo surf guide algarve on the road
a rainbow spot without rain, a Halo. If you believe in good luck, this might just give some

Empty line up

Dont be a sheep/ do not go where all the other people go. The surf guide algarve blogs are full with these sayings. We follow our own rules and its working really well. If the tide is not perfect for a surfspot, this most probably means there is less people. With a little less people, there is more waves for us. You just need to know where to *not, to go. 

Beliche surfer small clean wave surf guide algarve
Surf picture of the day, the son getting this beauty of a wave into the sun.
beliche left corner, surf guide algarve
Even the famous beliche left was pretty empty.
ex surf guide algarve guest on beliche
This is an ex/surf guide algarve guest, now more like a friend. He spends so much time here that he most of the timesw know where to go...
team surf guide algarve palmtree
It will take a little more time before our mother and daughther can share the surf. So we share a hike instead. Found this giant pineapple on the way.
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