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Surfing perfect waves in Arrifana with Surf Guide Algarve

arrifana surfing action, surf guide algarve

Surfing perfect waves in Arrifana with Surf Guide Algarve

Look where others dont look, Go where other people dont go. Thats how we roll. With that in mind we hardly ever take the drive up to Arrifana. There are far too many beautiful less crowded surf spots closer to Vila do Bispo. Today is an exception. Where most surfers schedule in a rest day. Writing off the surf completely due to an impossible forecast. We score perfect waves in Arrifana. With only a hand full of other lucky *and dedicated, surfers. Surf Guide Algarve does it again. 

Surfing Arrifana stoked surf guide guests
Arrifana Beach Aljezur surfing with surf guide algarve

Perfect waves for all levels

Arrifana is really well known for the wide range of surfers it attracts. The beach is often full with surfschools teaching total beginners. At the same time you can see semi-professional surfers in the same line up. This sometimes creates a little mixup. The less experienced surfers are beeing accused of taking to many waves. Less experienced surfers are often in the way. And so you can see the vibes can get a little rough. Not today! With only a few surfers *for Arrifana standards, there is great respect. Obviously there are a few drop-ins. A few slalom waves around people. Thats Arrifana too. In general the waves are just perfect for all levels. 

arrifana surfing action, surf guide algarve
Beautiful Left hand wave in Arrifana!
empty perfect waves arrifana surf guide algarve
arrifana point break surf guide algarve
The Point break of Arrifana, Today a little bit too small, still very pretty


We surf for a good 2 hour and a bit. After that our shoulders start to give in. Many days of surfing in a row. Lets call it for today. Shake some hands with some old and new friends on the beach. Get a Pastel da Nata and take the drive back home. Stoked with this Surf Guide adventure. 

Arrifana surf beach after surf pastel de nata surf guide algarve
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