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Picture perfect waves with Surf Guide Algarve

Picture perfect waves with Surf Guide Algarve

Sometimes it all just comes together. Surf Guide Algarve will always try to find the best waves possible for your level. But mother nature always has the last say. Good luck finding barrels with no swell, longboard friendly conditions on a west coast day, etc. That is what keeps it fun. The anticipation, the hope, and all the times the ocean did not cooperate like the forecast says. Even with a dozen different websites that all try to forecast the waves, it simply does not work. The Algarve is like an island. The sand is moving around all the time, huge tides. Computer models are just not advanced enough. Today we score picture perfect waves on the west coast. Enjoy the pictures. 

West Coast perfection surf guide algarve
It always looks smaller from 35 meter high...just saying
perfect waves surf guide algarve

Time to step it up

In doubt, do not paddle out. Surfing is and will always be a dangerous sport. Maybe even more dangerous in the South West tip of Europe where the medical services will take for ever to rescue someone. Always check your material before you enter the water. You do not want to swim without your board in any line up. Especially when the waves getting more serious. Bigger waves mean more rips, always be aware. Is your leash old, change it. Does the leash guard look a bit dried out, get a new one. It might save you a big swim or more than that. Back to the fun part. 

surf guide algarve friend surfing
surf guide algarve friend surfing
perfect waves good surfer surf guide algarve
perfect waves good surfer surf guide algarve

After stoke

The feeling you get from surf- the stoke. Very addictive, yet not so unhealthy. A very famous surfer ones quoted, surfing is the most healthy addiction. And he is right. Walking back to the car we are already making plans for the next session. But it is true that the rest of the things on the agenda feel a lot easier with a good surf in the pocket. 

big pimpin surf guide algarve
the feeling you get from surfing
picture perfect surf guide algarve
whatever the day holds, we are ready
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