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This is how you surf for two in Porto de Mos,

surf pregnant porto de mos

Surf Porto de mos,

You do not have to be a pro surfer when you want to surf with surfguide algarve. You need to be able to surf.a green unbroken wave, know and respect the rules in the water, and most importantly. be stoked.
We have a girl staying next to us since a few weeks. The daughter of a family of 4 in total and she´s been taking surf lessons for about 2 weeks in a row. Being super motivated, flexible, and just 14, she surfs now better than most of you. But really.
Many visiting surfers are very motivated, have probably a little bit more ocean knowledge but also have not surfed in months. This girl on the other hand is surfing 14 days non stop. If it isn’t for the fact the reef gets completely exposed when the tide gets to low, she would still be in there now.

porto de mos surf sunrise

Early birds catching the waves! porto de mos surf sunrise.

porto de mos small wave

sorry for the horizon guys, it is hard enough to shoot a surfer on a perfect wave and not run out there and catch the next one yourself.

Surf for two,

We expecting a small mini surfguide algarve and for the missis daily life on itself is a challenge at the moment. The one moment she´s perfectly fine and the next she feels super tired or hungry, or both. We all know she loves small waves, we even have an expression here between friends ´annemarie-friendly-waves´. And today might as well be the last surf for her with the baby in her belly. (Of course we hope for more small days but if this is the last one: it is amazing.

surf pregnant porto de mos

surf pregnant porto de mos. So tell me is this a drop in or a partywave?

surf girls porto de mos

surf girls porto de mos, or is there a boy too? Surfing is amazing, but sharing the stoke with others makes kind of what creates the surfguide algarve experience. Stoked to share this special morning with these girls.


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