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Offshore epic session at cordoama

Offshore wind,

These simple words can mean so. much to a surfer. It can mean so much to a session. In fact, if the forecast shows offshore you can be almost sure you will have a good surf. Obviously you will need to hit the right sandbars with the right tide and know where to go. But thats where we come in. We can not control the wind but if it is on: you know we are on as well!

cordoama clean right

It doesn´t take much imagination how good it feels to be on this wave…cordoama clean right.

Don´t be a sheep, Get your own peak,

When you get to the beach and see a (good) surfer take a (good) wave it´s clear thát is what you came for. But let me tell you a little secret: That wave has gone, luckily has been surfed well, but will never come back. Obviously there is a good chance there will be a similar next wave in the same spot but, thats also where the good surfer is. If it is only one guy, or maybe a few. You could join the party. Paddle out and sit in line. Wait for your turn. (what will be quite a wait if you want to play by the rules and let all the guys go first.) And than start your session.

cordoama barrel1

Good surfer taking off on a cordoama barrel.

cordoama barrel2

Stalling for the barrel

cordoama barrel3

Its that easy; 

So back to my lecture on how to not be a sheep-
All these guys sitting on top of eachother on a peak that obviously has good waves. But if there is 4 waves in a set, and 20 people. And a set every 10 minutes.  How many waves will you get in a 2 hour surf? Exactly; very little.
Why don´t you walk or even drive a little and get your own (empty) peak?

cordoama clean wave

Looks good to me?

cordoama hollow section

Actually looks pretty epic,… Obviously it is good to know where the dangerous rocks are and rips etc. But that´s where we come in handy again 😉 Book a surfguide now! 

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