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Cordoama surguide surf, good waves and good vibes


Good waves and good vibes

Funny enough good waves dont always go hand in hand with good vibes. When the waves are good everyone wants to have a piece of the action. Sometimes this results in a very tense atmosphere in the line up. Not today! Todays surfguide session at Cordoama is strickly about very good vibes. And the quality of the waves you can judge for yourself.

Our surfguide guest on a beautiful backside wave.

Picture perfect

We usually take our camera to the beach. And if you are lucky we will shoot one or two nice pictures. But normally if you want to have your session on camera, we book a surf photographer to do that professionally. Today is a little different. Our guest’s friend loves the beach and doesn’t mind pressing the grey button a few times. Here’s the result.
(take in mind she is not a surfer). Shooting surf is very hard. Especially on a beach where the waves appear everywhere. You need to think a bit ahead with shooting and I think she did a really good job.

This is one of our surf buddies who also competes in the No-Pro event next week. If he makes a few of these he’ll be on for the win for sure!
This girl (with great taste) shows the boys how to surf.
Eventually when the tide gets to low and the arms are falling off its time for ‘one more wave’ …That sometimes can take another 30 minutes. In some cases because you catch 6 waves and every time you say ‘ One more!’ or because you are so tired you cant get anything anymore.

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