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Surfguide Algarve Back for more epic surf sessions


Back for more epic surf

How you mean back? To be back, you need to go first. True. My sincere apologies for those 3 faithful readers of this surf blog (and Google). For not writing anything for a little while. With a wave and guide packed time coming up, we planned a little break. Not from surfing but just a change in habitat. Destination France. Spend a good week in Mimizan & visit friends in Britany. As with many things in life, things did not go as planned. With zero waves on the forecast and a lot of ´bad omens´Dutchland got the upper-hand. First we go to visit a friend at Sao Torpes in the Alentejo to get some good surf.

Miss surfguide Algarve on her dream surf session at Sao Torpes in the Alentejo.

After Alenentejo it is time for Holland. Showing off the little princess and get spoiled by friends and family. A blessing of a week. One kitesurf session, some boat & kano rides in the canals so not entirely dry. But once back in Portugal very much excited to get some moving saltwater again. Surfguide Algarve back for more epic surf sessions!

Flat and sweet water. But you can not say it ain’t pretty.
In the meantime Portugal gets her first real early winter swell. Lucky us that we have a lot of friends sending us pictures what we are missing out on. lol.

Welcome back Portugal Style

We all need a little bit of luck in life. We get home and Portugal does what she does best. Welcome us home with all her glory.

A postcard type of picture. A short spearfish adventure while the princess gets her swimming lessons a few meters further at Praia da Luz.
First surfguide mission with perfect surf and dolphins at praia Zavial.
Spearfish dinner. There is no better taste in the world than the after-surf food. Especially when you catch it yourself. Time to light the BBQ!

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