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Don´t forget about Bordeira when Surfguiding in the Algarve


October surf sessions

October is a bit of a funky month in the Algarve. The weather is hovering between summer and winter. A period of time some would refer as Fall. There is still a very high chance to get blasted by the summer northerlies. But at the same time, you can get lucky with the first winter swells. Most of the summer tourists are back to work and the surfers are coming back. Not to say that the thousands of people who visit the surf schools over the summer are not really surfing. But the fact is: Only a very small percentage will actually continue to grow their hair, get some kind of dumb tattoo and start calling everyone dude. (And be a ´real surfer´.) We are looking forward to see our friends back in October. They have worked hard in the countries (mainly up north) and are now ready to be part of the Instagram perfect pics spam we are uploading daily to keep them hungry and coming back.
A super fun score at Bordeira. Guess don´t forget about Bordeira when surf guiding in the Algarve!

With Surf Guide Algarve we take a max of 3 surfers. (only if the levels match and the beach allows it. normally we prefer just one or two) Today we are super stoked to have the Bordeira line up completely for ourselves with our returning friends.

Dream session

Every kind of surf is fun if you share it with the right people. Especially if you haven’t surfed in a little while. But the surf is even more fun when the beach and ocean are completely empty and the waves are super fun! Normally we don´t take pictures on day one of surfing. (for all obvious reasons.) But with an extra non-surfing friend on board. (and a charged camera.) This is what we got:


Sharing the stokes

After a really nice surf session, there´s only two things that matter: Coffee and Pastel de Nata. We have the rule that when someone got 3 (good) waves he deserves a Pastel. Guess we would all have deserved a hundred each.
The Cafe´s in Carrapateira already closed for the season, back in Vila do Bispo.

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