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Surfguide session Cordoama with perfect waves and a private peak


Surfguide session with perfect waves

That is how we want it every day! Offshore, perfect shoulder to head high waves with an easy paddle out. What else? Well, if you can add a private peak and some super stoked guests to share the experience? Today is thát kind of special where all the pieces seem to fall into place. With a quick look at the miradouro we chose our spot. We leave the main peak for the masses to figure out who drops in on who. While we surf our private peak.

The surf crew of today: stoked to see perfect swell lines roll in at dawn.
Sunrise surfer dawn patrol, time to score some waves!!!

Private peak

The coastline is pretty long around the region of Castelejo and Cordoama. But you do need to know where the rocks are hiding. Not every piece of the ocean is surfable. Then there is the fact that most people don´t like to walk. I mean: you have already travelled all the way to the beach, why would you walk a few extra minutes to surf without people? With the surfguide Algarve crew we always try to find our own little private peak. Obviously, not every beach allows this, but if it is possible we won´t surf the main peak!

Walking a few minutes for empty waves…
Voila! epic score.
It simply does not get any better than this (for most surfers.) Very stoked about this mornings surf guide adventure. Now it is time to refuel and get ready for the next one!
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