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Surfing clean Barranco with the surf guide algarve crew

clean wave surfing barranco surf guide algarve

Surfing Clean Barranco with the Surf Guide Algarve crew

We do not need more text, just pictures. It is all in the name isnt it? But this blog contains a funny story where some of us can actually learn something from too. The surf guide usually will guide you all the way to the beach. But there is also the Meet me at the beach option. In this case one of the guests is driving with the surf guide and a couple in their own car. No big problems here. But the couple got a little bit delayed and after that, terribly lost on their way to Barranco. The trick is to read the instructions and dont just put on the google maps. She will bring you to most spots in the world. But not to Barranco. After a good 4×4 adventure they also make it to the beach and get a beautiful clean surf with the Surf Guide crew. 

surfing Barranco with surf guide algarve
Here is the dude who did get to the beach without serious off/roading
duckdive wave barranco surf guide algarve
you can not catch them all

Only ones out

If you read a few of the blog posts you will find out that it does happen that we surf with no one else in the water. Yet every time this happens it is very, very special. There must be a reason for the absence of all the other surfers you would imagine. 

big close out set barranco surf guide algarve
Maybe this explains a little bit

Barranco is a pretty small bay where the waves quickly get too big. The angle of the swell, size of the wave and obviously the period matter a lot. *and the tide factors too. It is not uncommon to surf the most beautiful easy waves and get absolutely smoked the next moment by a big close out set. This is also very much Barranco. Lucky our guests today all know how to duck dive and how to read the ocean. 

Our surf guide guest dropping in a nice wave.

All the surfskate sessions making a big difference in the surfing technique. Very stoked to get this turn and even more so to have it on picture. 

backside turn surfing barranco surf guide algarve
clean wave surfing barranco surf guide algarve
And this is the reason we go to Barranco. The slow pace nice opening waves where you get plenty of time to do some good turns.

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